Outdoor Curriculum

Enjoy the following Natural Resource curriculum from New York State 4-H. 

Wild Edibles Webinar Series

Have you wanted to learn which wild-growing plants can be safely foraged and eaten? Come and join us for a series of three free webinars that will teach you not only to be able to confidently identify wild edibles, but also learn what parts of the plants are safely edible when they should be harvested, and also how they can be prepared.

Week One - https://vod.video.cornell.edu/media/Wild+Edibles+Public+I/1_po7p2ro6


Forestry Friday
- This on-going series in 2020 introduces youth to common and some uncommon species of trees around New York, and possibly beyond. They will learn about using a dichotomous key to identify a tree to genus and species. Interested parties should watch the videos in order. The answer to the previous week is presented in the first minutes of the following week’s video. If you go in order, you will be given the chance to determine what the species is BEFORE you get the answer. Yes, there’s a little work to this. You should use the booklet, Know Your Trees by Winch, et al. 2004 here: https://ecommons.cornell.edu/handle/1813/86

Week 1 Forestry Friday 1.0


Week 2 Forestry Friday 2.0


Week 3 Forestry Friday 3.0


Week 4 Forestry Friday 4.0


Week 5 Forestry Friday 5.0


Week 6 Forestry Friday 6.0


Week 7 Forestry Friday 7.0


Week 8 Forestry Friday 8.0


Week 9 Forestry Friday 9.0


Wildlife Wednesday Videos

Wednesday, June 4th

Wednesday, July 1st

Wednesday, July 8th

Wednesday, July 15th

Wednesday, July 22nd

Wednesday, August 8th

New York 4-H: Sport Fishing Project, Books 1-8 & Youth Journal

VIEW Activity 1: Fishing FUNdamentals
VIEW Activity 2: Fishing Warmwater Ponds
VIEW Activity 3: Fishing Warmwater Lake Habitats
VIEW Activity 4: Fishing Coldwater Lake Habitats
VIEW Activity 5: Fishing Stream & River Habitats
VIEW Activity 6: Fly Fishing FUNdamentals
VIEW Activity 7: Ice Fishing FUNdamentals
VIEW Activity 8: Fish Biology & Identification
Youth Fishing Journal

4-H Outdoor Cooking Curriculum


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