ATV Safety

School Enrichment

Cornell Cooperative Extension has a long history of educating area youth through special in school events such as embryology, bicycle safety, disaster preparedness, and team building. During the last 5 years, Cornell Cooperative Extension has expanded school enrichment programs to include archery, snowshoeing, ATV safety, and Arbor/Earth Day programs. Due to the fact that many local school districts have experienced budget cuts in the last several years, they can no longer offer educational field trips to their students. These school districts are relying more and more on Cornell Cooperative Extension to bring diverse, educational, and fun programs to their schools.

Cornell Cooperative Extension has also partnered with two different organizations, Hudson Headwaters Health Network and Hadley Luzerne Extended School Day program to form two Teen Awareness groups. Each group has been designed with specific topics and educational goals focused on health-related issues.

Parents or teachers who are interested in having their youth involved in such programs can contact the 4-H staff to make arrangements for a class visit or to inquire about a program based on a specific topic.


John Bowe
Executive Director

Last updated November 4, 2020