Striped Cucumber Beetle

Pests & IPM

What is IPM?

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. It is a system for managing pest problems using a range of safe, least-toxic methods. IPM is integrated because it uses biological, organic, cultural, mechanical, and chemical options for managing pest problems.

Useful Links

Pest Management Around the Home - Cornell publication with IPM strategies for managing insect pests in the home and garden

New York State Integrated Pest Management - IPM publications, tools and resources for vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, lawns, and field crops

Invasive Plant Atlas of the United States - A collaborative project between the National Park Service, the University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, the Invasive Plant Atlas of New England, and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The purpose of the Atlas is to assist users with the identification, early detection, prevention, and management of invasive plants, with an emphasis on primarily non-native plants.

Last updated December 8, 2023