Image by Meghan Beeby
Image by Amy Benson

Found an invasive plant or species?

You can HELP us protect New York State and it is SO EASY!

Cornell Cooperative Extension in Warren County NY is offering a Master Gardener Volunteer lead service in partnership with iMapInvasives to help document invasive species—aquatic or terrestrial, flora or fauna—with the goal of making it easy for the general public to report sightings.

Here’s what you do:

When traveling—walking, hiking, biking, swimming, boating or by car and you see an invasive:

  • 1.Take a photo of the invasive AND surrounding location—this is very important.
  • If aquatic, you may need to put the sample into a plastic baggie to photograph it.
  • 2.Identify the location—if you have a GPS that is great, but not necessary.
  • 3.Record time and date.
  • 4.Send information along to: and put Invasive in the Subject line—no forms to fill out—just the above info.
  • 5.Your Contact Information – very important for follow-up.

We’ll take it from there! A Master Gardener Volunteer from Warren County will enter the data into the iMapInvasives database.

That’s ALL you have to do and it HELPS!

Last updated February 25, 2016